Troubleshooting SMS

You can use Audit History to troubleshoot SMS workflow problems.

Do this as follows:

  1. Open your application in the AppSheet Editor.
  2. Go to the Manage>Monitor tab and click "Audit Records". Then click "Fetch audit records".
  3. Look for audit records with an "Action" value of "Change workflow rule" or "Scheduled workflow rule".
  4. Click the "Details" icon to see the outcome of the workflow rule.
  5. If the workflow rule did not create an SMS message, the Details give the reason for this.
  6. If you see "Result": "Success" at the end of the audit record, then AppSheet successfully sent the SMS message to Twilio.

If the SMS message was sent but not delivered, and the SMS message was sent from your own Twilio account, do the following:

  1. Go to Twilio
  2. Login to your Twilio account.
  3. On the "Home" page, click "Logs". This will take you to the "Product Logs" page.
  4. Under "Programmable SMS Logs", click "Messages".
  5. Look for the SMS message matching the values displayed in the Audit History. This will show you whether the SMS message was delivered. If not, a Twilio error message will be displayed.
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