Using data from SalesForce

AppSheet can build apps from a SalesForce instance. This feature is currently in a Beta trial.

The SalesForce account administrator must first install the AppSheet "package" for users on that SalesForce instance. To explain this simply, it informs your SalesForce instance that AppSheet is allowed to connect to your SalesForce data.

  • if deploying into a Salesforce sandbox environment, use this link
  • if deploying into a Salesforce production environment, use this link

Please note that AppSheet communicates with your SalesForce instance using the SalesForce "REST API". According to SalesForce documentation, this API is enabled automatically for the Enterprise, Unlimited and Developer editions of SalesForce. Users of the Professional edition may need to purchase API access separately from SalesForce separately.

Once the package has been installed, go to your AppSheet account, navigate to the Account -> Data Sources pane, and add a SalesForce data source. Your will be prompted to provide authorization permissions. Now SalesForce tables are accessible in any of your apps.

They can be treated just like spreadsheets or SQL tables. At the moment, we have restricted the available data to just a core subset of commonly used SalesForce tables. We welcome customer feedback and can broaden the set of exposed tables as needed. 

Some SalesForce data (eg: Leads) incude a PhotoUrl column. If you want these photos shown within the app, they need to be accessible publicly. To do so, you must "enable external sharing model" in your SalesForce account. Do so via the Sharing Settings control pane in SalesForce as shown below.



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