Limits on Tables per Application

The system does not enforce a limit on the number of tables per application. Some of our advanced users have 20 to 30 tables and 20 to 30 views. However, performance degrades as the number and size of tables grows. Performance also degrades when tables are stored in separate spreadsheet files. The biggest determinant of performance is the number of distinct times the AppSheet server must go to the provider, such as Google Drive, to fetch a file.  

Generally, we advocate limiting your app to a few tables and a few views. The main reason is focus. Apps are different from websites. Usually a website has everything from an organization, but apps that try to do too much usually don't serve anybody well. It is a good practice to have an app for a specific purpose. It is easy enough to build another app for another purpose. For example, even Facebook has separate apps for Messenger and regular Facebook.

Anyway, this is just a "philosophy", and I recognize everyone doesn't share this approach. In fact, people coming from a traditional app or web background do have an initial tendency to jam it all into the same app. Still, this is the philosophy behind AppSheet design. This is why we have an app launcher (so you can break your mega-app into multiple sub apps). Also it's why our per-user pricing model has a per-user cost for any number of apps.

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