Viewing or Restoring an Old App Version

As you edit your application in the editor, it maintains a history of your changes. This is useful if you need to view or restore an earlier version of your application.

How Does Version History Work?

Every time you save your application in the editor, AppSheet saves away the current version in a Version History log. Sometimes these changes are ones you make explicitly. Other times the changes are made automatically by the system when it checks the consistency of your application.

Viewing an Old Version

You can view an old version of your application as follows.

  1. Open your application in the Editor.
  2. Go to the Manage -> Author pane.
  3. Click Version History and Refresh app version history.
  4. Select a version from the list and click View

This opens the editor in a new browser tab and displays that version of the app in read-only mode. You cannot edit this read-only version of the app. However, you can restore this version of the app as described below.

The emulator shows a preview as well. If the underlying data spreadsheet structure has changed, the app itself may not run in the emulator.


Restoring an Old Version

You can restore an old version of your application as follows.

  1. Choose the version of the application you wish to restore as described above.
  2. After clicking View, you will be viewing the application in read-only mode in the Editor.
  3. Go to the Manage -> Author pane.
  4. Click Version History.
  5. Click Restore.



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