Sending email step-by-step

You can opt to receive an email each time data is added, updated, or deleted in the app. The emails fire when the updates are synced from the mobile device.

For example, let’s say I’ve created a Project Management app I’m sharing with the rest of my team to track our projects, assigned tasks, and progress to goal. I’d like to receive an email each time someone adds a new task to the app so I am always up to date with new assignments.

I’ll need to go to the Editor>Behavior>Workflow.

When I click +Workflow Rule, a dialog box appears called “Edit workflow rule”. There are several fields to fill out:

For the email subject and the attachment template, I can use variables that will populate with the correct information in the email. The variables must directly correspond to the column names in my spreadsheet or to AppSheet’s built-in variables, case included, with the following format: <<ColumnName>>. (To see the complete list of allowed variables, click here). You’ll see I’ve done this in the Email subject field:

Instead of having the update in the body of the email, I instead want a PDF attached to the email that contains the updates. I will need to specify a Google Doc template with the corresponding variables in the document. Here’s what my Google Doc template looks like:

When I click into the “Attachment template” field, I will get the option to choose my corresponding document from my Google Drive.

Once I hit Save, I can see my new rule has been added:

Let’s see this in action. In the mobile app, my colleague Mark just added a new task: Print Ad Sketches.


When Mark synced the device, I received the workflow email:

Attached to the email is the PDF with the appropriate data replacing the variables:

Please note that while the app is in test mode (i.e. it has not passed a Deployment Check), any messages sent from workflow actions will go only to the app creator.

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