Capturing GPS location

You can use a LatLong column to capture a GPS location.  

There are four ways to capture the GPS location in a form:

  1. You can assign the LatLong column an AppFormula value of 'HERE()'. This will automatically populate the LatLong column with the current location each time a new entry is added or an existing entry is edited.
  2. You can assign the LatLong column an Initial Value of 'HERE()'. This will automatically populate the LatLong column with the current location when an entry is first added, but not when the entry is edited.
  3. You can manually capture the current location. The input field for a LatLong column has a clickable icon that lets you capture the device's current GPS location.
  4. You can explicitly type in a LatLong value, such as: '46.34,-32.34'

You can use a ChangeLocation column to capture the current GPS location when some other value in the record changes. Read more on Change column types here.


Troubleshooting GPS Location

Whether on a mobile device or in a browser, the system will probably ask you to give AppSheet permission to access your current location.

  • If you are running your app within a browser, this permission request may not be very prominent. For example, some browsers bring up a subtle request near the address bar which can be easy to overlook.
  • If you have ever denied Location Services for AppSheet, the system will remember this and block AppSheet from retrieving location information.

Ensure that Location Services is enabled for AppSheet on your device.

  • For iOS devices do this.
  • For Android devices do this.

If you are still having trouble getting GPS location to work, try the following:

  1. Add a new LatLong column to your worksheet.
  2. Regenerate the table containing the new LatLong column.
  3. Verify that the new LatLong field is present in the table and that it has type LatLong.
  4. Open the updated application on the device that is having trouble capturing GPS location.
  5. Edit one of the records in the table having the LatLong field.
  6. When the LatLong field is displayed, click the icon to the right of the LatLong field. The icon contains a blue box with a map pin inside it. This should insert the current GPS location in the LatLong field.
  7. Ensure the LatLong field is populated with the current geolocation.


AppSheet uses WGS84 for the latitude and longitude.

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