Transfer an app between users or accounts

You can transfer an app:

  • From one of your cloud provider accounts to another of your cloud provider accounts.
  • From your cloud provider account to another user's cloud provider account.

There are two different cases to consider based on the data sources (Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, etc) used in the app:

  1. The recipient account has all the same data sources as the original owner account
  2. The recipient account does not have the data sources used in the app


If the Data Sources are Available in the Recipient Account

To transfer ownership from one account to another.

  1. Open the app in the Editor.
  2. Go to the Manage>Author pane.
  3. Click "Transfer".
  4. Enter the recipient's account ID and email address. Both values can be obtained from the recipient's Account page. By entering both pieces of information, you ensure that you transfer the app to the correct recipient.
  5. Click "Transfer ownership" to give the recipient full ownership of the app.

Users of the app should not need to reinstall the app after a transfer.

Ensure the recipient has access to the files (sheets, images, PDFs, etc) and folders used by the app. Otherwise the app will stop working the moment ownership is transferred.

  • If you are working with Google Sheets, share the sheets with the recipient as described here. The recipient must accept the shared sheet via "Add to my Drive". Alternatively, you can transfer ownership of the sheets to the recipient as described here.
  • If you are working with spreadsheets from Dropbox, the process is different. Each table in your app references a spreadsheet in Dropbox based on its filepath (not an ID). So it is important that the recipient moves the spreadsheets to the same filepaths on his/her Dropbox account. For example, if the original app used a spreadsheet at /appsheet/data/myapp/mysheet.xlsx, then it is not enough to just share this file with the recipient. The recipient would actually need to move or copy the file to a file called /appsheet/data/myaapp/mysheet.xlsx in his/her Dropbox account.

If your app uses image files referenced by name in spreadsheet cells, the image file names stored in the spreadsheet are relative to the location of the spreadsheet. The recipient's Images folder must be placed in the proper folder location so the relative paths are correct. Otherwise, images will not be rendered correctly in the app. Further, if the app captures images, the images will be stored in an Images subfolder. You must share/transfer the Images subfolder with the recipient as well. The process of sharing/transferring the Images subfolder is identical to the process of sharing/transferring the spreadsheet.


If the Data Sources are NOT Available in the Recipient Account

You will need to share the app with the recipient, who can then make a copy of the app and its data. Do this as follows:

  1. Open the application to be transferred in the Editor.
  2. Go to the Users pane.
  3. Under SHAREYOURAPP enter the recipient's email address.
  4. Click "Add Users ..." which will add the recipient to the APPROVED USERS WHITELIST.
  5. Find the recipient in the APPROVED USERS WHITELIST and select "Can view definition" from the drop down.
  6. The recipient will now see this app under the Shared Apps tab on the recipient's My Apps page.
  7. The recipient can now click the down arrow next to the application and select "Copy". This copies the application, the application date, and everything associated with the application from the old provider to the new provider.

This creates a complete copy of the app. Users of the app will need to reinstall the new app after such a transfer.



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