Capturing references to external URLs and documents

Your app can also capture references to external URLs and documents.

We support two data types for external content-- URL and File. If you have URLs in a column, the app allows users to click on the URL and see the content in a hosted web browser window. Additionally, the users have the option of opening the content in the native web browser on the device (eg: Mobile Safari on iOS).

If you have PDFs or other documents, the app similarly opens the content in a hosted web browser. Depending on the device and operating system, there may be support for viewing of a variety of file types-- for example, most browsers enable PDF viewing.

To include files or PDFs in your app, you will need to add either the file name or the URL where the document is hosted. For example, in the Marketing Docs sample, you'll see that the PDFs are coming from Google Drive URLs. In order for these to be viewable by third parties, we made sure they were publicly accessible by placing them in a public folder in Google Drive. 


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