Data Stored in Cloud Spreadsheets

Apps built by software developers normally store data in structured databases. AppSheet avoids this approach because:

  • Our app creators are not software developers.
  • We want our app creators to be in full control of their data.

AppSheet uses data from spreadsheets. Spreadsheets allow almost anyone to organize and store data. AppSheet can use data from other sources, but for now, let's focus on spreadsheets. AppSheet cannot access a spreadsheet on your PC, but it can access a spreadsheet stored in a cloud file system like Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, or Dropbox.

To explain it really simply, AppSheet makes your cloud-hosted spreadsheet behave like a simple database. The power of using a cloud-hosted spreadsheet is that there are no copies of your data created, nor is the data 'uploaded' into AppSheet servers. Instead, AppSheet reads and writes directly to your spreadsheet.


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