AppSheet is NOT...

AppSheet is not an app discovery mechanism. It is not a place where your users can "discover" the apps that you create. That is the traditional role of an app store.

Instead, we leave it to you to distribute the apps to your users. Most of our app creators are building apps for their colleagues, their employees, or their existing customers. In those cases there is already an obvious mechanism to distribute the app to the desired users. Because all you need is an installation link, it becomes trivial to distribute this link via email or any other communication mechanism.

AppSheet is also not an app marketplace. It is not a place where users buy apps or app creators sell apps. Again, that would be the role of an app store, but that is not the role of AppSheet. We are not involved in any commerce related to the apps themselves. Instead, we are providing a platform service for users to create, deploy, and run apps. 

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