White label your app -- establish your own app branding

When you build your app with AppSheet, there are a few different places where the AppSheet brand is visible to the end-users of the app. These include:

  1. In the 'hamburger' menu of the app, there are options to go to the App Gallery or to Create a New App
  2. In the emails sent from the Share button or the workflow rules, there is a "powered by AppSheet" email suffix.
  3. On the third party authentication screens (eg: with Google Drive), the user will see that AppSheet is asking for permission to access their user information.
  4. On a mobile device, the end-user must first download the AppSheet app, which acts as a host for the app that you created.

If you enable the white label option via the Manage -> Deploy pane of the app editor, the AppSheet branding is suppressed in the first two cases. There are technical difficulties that currently prevent the complete white labeling of the authentication screens but we hope to enable that in the future as well.

To white label the experience on the mobile device (case# 4 in the list above), you can create white label native versions of your AppSheet app for Android and iOS. This is described in the subsequent articles.

The use of the white label option requires one of the advanced subscription plans. Please consult http://www.appsheet.com/pricing


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