Whitelabel your app -- establish your own app branding

When you build your app with AppSheet, there are a few different places where the AppSheet brand is visible to the end-users of the app. These include:

  1. In the 'hamburger' menu of the app, there are options to Go to the App Gallery or to Create a New App
  2. In the emails sent from the Share button or the workflow rules, there is a "powered by AppSheet" email suffix.
  3. On the third party authentication screens (eg: with Google Drive), the user will see that AppSheet is asking for permission to access their user information.
  4. On a mobile device, the end-user must first download the AppSheet app, which acts as a host for the app that you created.

If you enable the white-label option via the Manage -> Deploy pane of the app editor, the AppSheet branding is suppressed in the first two cases. There are technical difficulties that currently prevent the complete white-labeling of the authentication screens but we hope to enable that in the future as well.

To white-label the experience on the mobile device (case #4 in the list above), you can create white-label native versions of your AppSheet app for Android and iOS. This is described in the subsequent articles.

The use of the white-label option requires one of the advanced subscription plans. Please consult http://www.appsheet.com/pricing


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