Update a White Label native app

After your white label native app has been created and deployed via an appstore, it does NOT need to be updated and redeployed in the appstore everytime you make a change to the AppSheet app definition.

The latest app definition is automatically fetched and used along with the every sync operation performed by the end-user. Therefore, you should rarely need to actually reconstruct and resubmit a white label native app to one of the appstores. The reasons you might want to do this are:

  • You give the app itself a new name or icon
  • You add new screenshots, keywords, descriptions, or other "meta-data"
  • AppSheet explicitly asks you to update and resubmit your app. This should be an infrequent occurrence, and may be because there is a platform change that requires an explicit update. Such platform changes could occur when AppSheet rolls out significant new features, or iOS, Android, or some other core infrastructure deprecates or changes some important underlying functionality. 
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