Views > Slideshow

Show one row at a time, full-screen.


Sort by

Sort the rows by one or more columns.


Main image

The image column to show at the top of each slide.


Image style

How to display the main image.

  • Fill: crops the image to fill the entire header area (great for photos).
  • Fit: scales the image so the entire thing fits inside the header area (great for logo
  • Background: uses the image as a background for the whole slide (great for pattern images and some photos)


Display mode

How to display the column data.

  • Normal

  • Centered

  • No Headings

  • Side-by-side


Max. nested rows

The maximum number of rows to show for related references lists.


Header columns

Columns to highlight at the top of each slide.


Quick edit columns

Which columns can be edited directly in the slide.


Column order

Display columns in a different order than they appear in the original data.


More information

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