View name

The unique name for this view.


View type

What kind of view this is.

  • Deck: show a summary card for each row.
  • Table: show rows as rows, and columns as columns.
  • Gallery: show a grid of images, one for each row.
  • Slideshow: show one row at a time, full-screen.
  • Map: show rows as locations on a map.
  • Chart: use rows as data points for a chart.
  • Dashboard: show multiple views at the same time.
  • Form: edit a single row.



Where the button to access this view is located.

  • Left: show button on the left side of the bottom button bar.
  • Center: show button in the middle of the bottom button bar.
  • Right: show button on the right side of the bottom button bar.
  • Menu: list the view in the menu, in the upper-right corner of the app.
  • Ref: only show the view when navigating to it from another view.



The icon to use for this view.


Menu order

What order to show this view in the menu.


More Information

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