Introduction to Workflow

Workflow allows you to automatically invoke an action when an event occurs.



Workflow supports the following actions.

Over time, we intend to provide additional actions including the ability to use other communication channels and perform other actions. We intend to permit data updates which could trigger a chain of workflow rules, leading to rich, multi-step behaviors.

Important: While the app is in test mode (that is, before it has passed a Deployment Check), all workflow actions will go only to the app creator. This ensures that you do not inadvertently send email messages, send SMS messages, or post HTTP messages while debugging your workflow rules.



Workflow can be triggered:

  • When a data row is updated. 
    For example, you can trigger a workflow rule when a new data row is added to a table, or when the data value in a specific field is updated to a particular value, or when a data row is deleted.
  • At a scheduled time.
    For example, you can trigger a workflow rule everyday at 8:00 AM or on the last day of every month. Scheduled workflow rules can be used to create daily, weekly, or monthly reports.


You author workflow rules in the Editor's Behavior>Workflow pane.

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