Dropdown from Simple List of Values

AppSheet displays a dropdown for Enum or EnumList fields. 

  • An Enum allows the user to select one value from the list of allowed values.
  • An EnumList allows the user to select zero or more values from the list of allowed values.

To define an Enum or EnumList:

  1. Go to the Data > Column Structure pane in the Editor.
  2. Show the Properties of the table.
  3. Click the icon to the left of the field name you wish to make a dropdown.
  4. In the Column Type select either "Enum" or "EnumList".
  5. Enter allowed values in Enum Values.
  6. You can control whether the values are displayed as buttons or a list using the EnumInputMode property.

If you enable the "AllowOtherValues" option, users may enter any enum value they wish. They are not limited to the allowed values displayed in the dropdown menu. Once the new enum value is saved, it will appear in the list of enum values that other users can choose from.

The user can enter a new enum value by: 

  1. Clicking the down arrow to the right of enum field to display the dropdown list.
  2. Entering the new enum value in the "Add or Search" box shown above the dropdown values.
  3. Clicking Use'<new enum value> 

You can enable the "AutoCompleteOtherValues" option to make it easier for the user to choose from the set of previously entered values. This option can help ensure all entries are submitted in the same way, thereby avoiding typos.

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