Column type: App (Deep Links)

The App column type is used to navigate to another AppSheet app or to navigate to a different view in the current app.

In addition to being a normal column, App columns can be used with App Launchers and App Actions.


The value in the App column should be the name of an app, with an optional deep link following a # symbol.

Launch the Class Assignments app and show the ClassForm view exiting the row with ID CS101:


If the intent is to provide a deep link to another view of the current app, the app name may be omitted:


Navigating to a specific view of an app

When you specify an App Link like "ClassAssignments-71626" and the user clicks on this link, it causes AppSheet to launch and open the ClassAssignments-71626 app as its default starting view.
If you want to launch the app into a more specific view, you can use a "deep" App Link.
Here are the link parameters supported:
  • control: this is a required parameter and contains the name of a specific UX view control in the app
  • row: this parameter is required for specific view controls and is optional for others. It contains the row key for a specific row to be shown by that view control.
  • (for map view) mapcolumn: the name of the column that is the Address or LatLong column

Whitespaces or other HTTP special characters in a deep link must be URL-encoded, you can use the ENCODEURL() expression to encode values.


CONCATENATE("ClassAssignments-71626#control=ClassForm&row=", ENCODEURL([ID Column]))

Navigating to different parts of the current app

You can also create deep app links back to the current running app. For example, if the app you are running is called MyApp-10305 and it has a View named Products, you can create a deep app link #control=Products. When the user clicks on this link, the app navigates directly to the Products view.

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